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The StormCloset tornado shelter is the most elegant, above ground, in-residence tornado shelter/safe room on the market.

StormCloset's impact and fire-resistant construction provides the most accessible, architecturally finished tornado shelter for construction in the home. In addition to providing all of the outstanding benefits of  ClosetVault, StormCloset protects your family against the fury of an EF-5 (250 mph) tornado. It also protects your valuables from fire and burglars. The average tornado victim has less than 60 seconds warning that the tornado is going to strike the home. When most people hear the urgent warning "Seek shelter immediately!" they do not have any safe place to go for shelter. Most deaths and grievous injuries result from being hit by wind-borne debris. See Risk Assessment.

The safest place for you to seek shelter is in a safe room right in your living space. StormCloset is a patented, U.S.A. factory manufactured, modular kit, ready to assemble in your home or garage. Designed by a professional structural engineer for strength and impact resistance, StormCloset meets the requirements of of FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 guidelines and ICC-500, ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters, which was adopted by the International Building Code and the International Residential Code as a Reference Standard in 2009, and has passed testing at the Wind Science & Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech for missile impact resistance at EF-5 (250 mph) tornado velocities.

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StormCloset comes complete with a tested and FEMA 361 EF.5 approved tornado-proof door (all doors and frames meet or exceed specifications set forth by the Steel Door Institute) and UL specifications for a labeled three hour fire door (Class A). StormCloset comes with all vents, tornado door, frame, and hardware, structural adhesive, and connecting and anchoring hardware. See Storm Shelter Rating to compare StormCloset features with other tornado shelters.

StormCloset Tornado Shelter Door
Access to StormCloset is through an architectural, steel door which may be placed in any wall of the tornado shelter to meet the customer's unique architectural requirements (see Planning Template). Specially reinforced, welded 14 gauge doors have been successfully pressure and impact tested for inward and outward swings and are available in two sizes, 2'-8" wide or 3'-0" wide (meets handicap codes and ADA requirements). Steel doors and framing are prime painted, prepped for furnished hardware indicated below,and have a 3/4 inch clearance from floor. Door frames are factory-prepped for hardware and attachment to the StormCloset frame.
Door Hardware
door handleEach tornado door is furnished with three ball bearing, heavy duty, paint primed hinges with non-removable pins, Falcon mortise lever lock with deadbolt, strike plate, and two keys. Locks are keyed alike and keyed from the outside of the tornado shelter. Locks and strike plates are ANSI 626 (satin chrome) finish. All locks can be opened manually from the inside of StormCloset.
Protected Air Vents
Welded air vent ducts with steel protective covers are provided to assure ample breathing air and atmospheric pressure balancing.
Superior Anchoring System
floor anchorStormCloset is anchored to 4 inch thick, minimum, concrete floor slabs with threaded masonry anchors spaced at every 4 inches along each wall. In addition, 1/2 inch expansion anchors with plate washers are added at each shelter corner and at each side of the door. When exposed to 250 mph wind, no anchorage connector would be stressed more than 60% of its ultimate shear or pullout capacity. Minimum average resistance's of shelter anchoring devices are Horizontal: 1,695 pounds per linear foot of wall Uplift: 2,385 pounds per linear foot of wall. Based on allowable stresses of the anchorage connectors, the minimum total resistance's of the basic models of StormCloset are given in the table below:
Model No. Horizontal Resistance Uplift Resistance
SC100F 20 Tons 29 Tons
SC200F 27 Tons 39 Tons

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